The question and answer for Hair removal device

Q: How often do you use it?

A: The first four uses, once every two weeks, the 5-7th start hair grows very slowly and rarely, can be done once a month, then less hair is longer, as long as two or three It can be used on the newborn hair only for the month. The whole treatment course can be used for 15~20 times in 2 years, which can achieve almost permanent effect.

Q: Do you still need to shave using the hair removal device?

A: Shave two days before each use. Because the hair removal device uses the body’s own hair to apply the flash of the instrument to the root of the hair, thereby achieving the effect of hair removal.

If it is not shaved, the hair that is exposed to the outside of the body will absorb some of the flash, which will weaken the hair removal effect. Shaving two days in advance is because the new hair is soft, the light absorption effect is the best, and the hair removal effect is also optimal.

Q: Can I use hair removal cream?

A: Can’t use! can not be used! can not be used! You can’t use hair removal cream or hair removal beeswax before and after using the hair removal machine. They will pull up the hairs. If there is no hair root, then using the hair removal device will have no effect. A scraped or electric razor can be used.

Q: Can I take a shower before use? Need to wipe skin care after use?

A: Can you! Need need! You can take a bath before use, keep your skin dry when using it, and pay attention to moisturizing the skin after use.

Q: Do you need sun protection after going out?

A: You need it! It is recommended to wipe the sunscreen, or to wear a sunshade, or wear a sunscreen.

Q: How is the instrument cleaned?

A: Don’t wash! Do not wash! Do not wash! The instrument is not waterproof.

After the hair removal machine is used, the hair will be melted and some will stick to the lamp head. This is normal. After each use, the machine is turned off, the power is removed, and after the standby device is cooled, the surface of the lamp can be wiped clean with an alcohol pad. It doesn’t matter if it arrives, it doesn’t affect the effect.

Q: When will the hair fall off?

A: It is not hair loss immediately after the photo is taken. After the irradiation, there will be hair loss and discharge in a few days to 2 weeks, but the first time is only a small part, and after 2 weeks, it will be used for the second time. After about 3 or 4 times, most of the hairs can be removed. Generally, it can be used permanently for about 20 times in 2 years.

Don’t worry, you can rest assured that as long as the hair containing melanin can be removed.

Q: Which gear do you choose?

A: The higher the number of files, the higher the energy, the faster it works, but it is still based on skin safety. For the first time, we recommend using the lowest file. If the skin does not have any discomfort, the next time you can increase the first file, and so on.

Generally, we decide the gear position according to the skin color and the hair color. For example, the underarm hair is very thick and can be used for more than 3 files. The limbs may be exposed to the sun often. The hair is not so thick. You can choose 2~3 files, and the face is tender. The fur is also relatively thin, it is recommended to use 1~2 files.

Q: Can pregnant women use it? What about breastfeeding?

A: There is no effect during pregnancy. Pregnant women cannot use any instruments. Lactating skin may be sensitive, so the instructions on the instructions are not recommended, but if your skin is not sensitive, it does not matter if you use it during breastfeeding. If you find that the skin is not right, you can stop it immediately. There is no impact.

Q: Under what circumstances can’t I use it?

A: Generally sensitive skin can also be used, unless it is not suitable for people who are allergic to light, and in these cases, the hair removal machine cannot be used:

1. If there is a pacemaker, defibrillator or any electronic plant in the body; if you have cancer, you have received chemotherapy for the past three months;

2. pregnancy;

3. Herpes has occurred in the past due to heat;

4. Suffering from severe endocrine disorders (such as diabetes, thyroid disease) epilepsy or photoreceptive diseases (purpuria, pleomorphic sun rash or solar urticaria, lupus);

5. If there is any skin disease (such as sore, psoriasis, eczema, etc.), it has suffered from crab foot swelling and epilepsy (the scar is not easy after normal injury), and there are any operations within three months.

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